"The flexibility that easystaff offers me is indispensable. As a student, I am extremely grateful for such a way of organizing my work. It allows me to manage my studies and work individually in my everyday life."
Diana Diener,
"All easystaffers behaved well, but I have to highlight the costume-couple, Alexander and Carolin were amazing! A big thank you to those two and to you easystaff!"
Lena S.,
"Today I have to say a big word of praise for you at easystaff! Everything works perfectly!"
Harald Ditlbacher,
"Why do I like working for easystaff? Honestly?! Because they are the only ones that pay me on time without any nonsense! :) and it's always varied & there's always a sympathetic ear if there's any problems :)"
Sophie Maiwald,
"Why is easystaff a cool employer"? With both uni and a job, easystaff is the perfect mix of interesting and nice people with diverse and exciting work".
Wolfgang Kern,
"I really like working for easystaff because I've already work at so many companies, but this is the BIGGEST, NICEST AND BEST team that I've found".
Martin Flatscher,
"You do perhaps have strict rules and regulations, but that's why you're the only promotions agency that I know that is 100% serious, pays on time, that you're really registered with and where everything really goes smoothly".
Nikolaus Konrad,
"I work for you because I can try out lots of different jobs and not only keep on learning something new, but also to face new challenges".
Martin Hörtnagel,
"I can flexibly choose when and how many jobs I want to do. Sometimes I have lots to do at uni, like I have in the last few weeks, so it's not a problem when you don't take on work over a long period".
Sarah Jakober,
"You have lots of contact with lots of companies and get to know lots of important people, which will probably be really advantageous in the future".
Bernhard Reisner,
"I like working with easystaff because I've travelled around Austria, whether Graz, Linz or Innsbruck, meeting different kinds of people thanks to different jobs, such as event service, sales and training."
Haris Bukvic,
"easystaff managers deal with the employees in manner that is always respectful and I believe that you're on the right track by doing it this way. Have patience with people".
Thomas Kryl,