Point of Sale jobs

Is eloquence your middle name? Are the words "technically versed and outgoing" in your social media profile as a special quality? Are you also sociable and know how to win people over? You bet! Send you application now. You'll be directly at the point of sale (POS) working where you'll actively convince customers about the advantages of the product being plugged by you. We'll give you in-depth specialist knowledge product and sales training. You'll be a real expert!

In addition to classic sales jobs and product consulting, we also have numerous other jobs relating to POS.

Of course with all jobs, you'll be in close contact with your project manager.

We have the following POS jobs on offer:

  • Sales promotion
  • Tastings
  • Shop-in-shop consulting
  • Rack-jobbing
  • Merchandising
  • Mystery shopping & quality checks
  • Deco tours
  • Setting up and dismantling POS
  • and much more...

What we expect from you:

  • "A deal is a deal" - punctuality and reliability
  • "From tip to toe" - smart external appearance
  • Enjoyment in dealing with people and power of persuasion
  • Self-assured manner
  • High degree of responsibility and flexibility
  • Good manners
  • Perfect knowledge of German
  • High-level of customer and service orientation
  • Enthusiasm and capacity to integrate
  • A desire to learn (training)
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