"Ischgl. Relax if you can…"

Success story



Guerilla marketing campaign

10/11/2014 - 29/11/2014 - campaign day 15/11/2014

Advertising the 2014/15 ski season in Vienna through an extraordinary and strong guerilla marketing campaign

Type of selected media:
Flyers, costumes


The guerilla campaign took place in Vienna on 15/11/2014. In order to be fit for the new season, 200 perfectly designed ski instructors turned up the heat and did their warm ups at four heavily frequented places (Staatsoper, Stephansplatz, Mariahilferstraße and west train station) with a striking performance to the Ischgl song. They finished off at the west train station, taking a train west to arrive in Ischgl in time for the opening of the new ski season.


Ischgl has perfect pistes, the perfect lifestyle and therefore must also of course have the perfect ski instructors. After a prototype for this perfect ski instructor was developed by a lab full of mad scientists, 200 ski instructors were appointed to do their warm up for the ski season in heavily frequented areas in Vienna, before heading off on the train towards Ischgl.

  • The guerilla marketing campaign was filmed by a film crew and using Go Pros. The resulting video went viral and notched up 47,000 views after intensive social seeding. 
  • Equipment was provided by partners such as Go Pro, Fischer Ski and Kilpi Sports, all of whom advertised the campaign on their platforms.
  • The 200 promoters were organised by the easystaff agency.
  • The initiative was accompanied by social media and an info screen campaign before and during the event.


  • Over 47,000 YouTube views
  • Up to 100,000 visual contacts per day at the "scenes"
  • Up to 1,169,000 people reached through the info screen network
  • 2,000 Facebook likes and over 600 Facebook shares on the Ischgl page
  • Additional PR in various online portals
  • Talk of Vienna city centre