Meister Proper meets Vienna

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 Meet Meister Proper (“Mr. Clean”) how he lives and moves. Everyone loves the commercial character Meister Proper since his invention in the 1960ies. The goal of the campaign was to make Meister Proper come alive and for the customers to experience him. The positive, emotional experience stayed in the minds of the customers and embedded the brand even more in their conscience.


Mall tour with Meister Proper Double and Promoters, supported and announced by social media. The focus of the campaign was a professional Meister Proper Double, which was created after the character of the advertisement in optical presentation, clothing, styling and appearance. In addition to that came a promotion stand with prize wheel, photo screen and attractive raffles.


Hundreds of direct contacts per day of deployment + multiplication through word of mouth and photos in social media. Meister Proper was the talk of town.