ÖBB – Green Points app promotion

For our long-time customer ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), we set loose a colourful flock of promoters in costume on passengers at Vienna's train stations. easystaffers not only revealed their open hearts by hugging totally unknown passers-by, they also served as a sign. Because those collecting Green Points support the ÖBB's environmental projects, not only protecting endangered animals, but also campaigning for more green and plant diversity.

Success story

ÖBB-Werbung GmbH


Green Points app

Briefing/aim of the campaign: 
The aim of the campaign was to make passengers at the train station aware of ÖBB's new Green Points app by surprising them with hugs and chocolate.


ÖBB wanted to motivate people to travel by train for environmental reasons, because every train journey takes a load off the environment. Using the Green Points app, points are collected which can then in turn support nature projects throughout Austria. The app shows how many Green Points have been collected and how much CO2 has been saved. Using the Green Points app, customers can record the start and finish of their current train journey by tracking or inputting travel data and they receive the credited points in real time (quick conversion – 1 train kilometre = 1 Green Point).  These are then assigned to the previously selected project (there are currently 8 projects to choose from). If the total score is achieved, ÖBB will begin implementing the project and include a new one in the selection. In this way, Austria's rail commuters will be part of the biggest community of environmentalists in two ways: by travelling by train and by "unlocking" eight train-related projects. These projects include eagle owl protection on the railway line, grazing projects, diversity of life for amphibians and much more.


Frog – chocolate and leaflets about the Green Points app distributed at Vienna's west and main train stations. However, promoters mostly gave hugs to passers-by, a sign of solidarity and to show passengers a bit of affection. 


Almost every passer-by wanted a hug and were pleased to see the guests. The Green Points app enjoys great popularly with 30 million Green Points already (as of January 2016) collected.