Vienna Autoshow

easystaff has been a partner of Porsche Holding for all personnel services, promotion, advertising and events since 2010. We always look forward to supporting them at the Vienna Autoshow every year.

Success story

Porsche Holding Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Hospitality services


The Vienna Autoshow is traditionally the most visited exhibition in Vienna. Whether a family man, single, car enthusiast, car collector, tech freak, HP fan...the path to your dream car is solely via the Vienna Autoshow.

Porsche Holding, with VW, Audi & Seat, traditionally has the most-visited stand at the entire exhibition and is therefore heavily focused on.


As early as autumn, hostess castings are already well under way because the outfits designed by easystaff still have to be adjusted at the fittings. An average of 150 hosts and hostesses work at the exhibition itself looking after guests, filing work and most importantly, in product presentation. This requires precise service and break scheduling beforehand.


Up to 148,759 satisfied visitors (source Messe Ried) were optimally looked by our hosts and hostesses over 5 exhibition days and at numerous side events.