easystaff brings HR services to the smartphone

easystaff App


With the new easystaff App, the human resources experts set a new standard that benefits employees as well as customers: HR services connect employees with customers and itself with a simple ‘touch’ on the smartphone. The digital innovation leader in the HR area brings transparency, efficiency enhancements and interactive communication in every trouser pocket using the easystaff App.

The digital solution introduced by the owner-led innovation company revolutionises the entire disposition and administration process and creates a maximum level of transparency, paired with high levels of comfort, allowing smartphone owners to use it anytime, anywhere. Administrative processes can now be performed in real time, as it is no longer necessary to use notebooks or PCs for the interactive data exchange.  

The best features of the new easystaff App:

·         Working hours can be recorded immediately using the smartphone and furthermore, they will be processed digitally, which provides a smooth work flow and reduces unnecessary paperwork.

·         Employees can sign up for jobs they are interested in via the smartphone, no matter of place and time. A specifically created algorithm creates fitting suggestions according to personal interests and qualifications. Jobs are being taken faster and employees have the possibility of choice in their trouser pocket.

·         An integrated GPS tool opens a range of attractive additional services and information such as, for example, maps, calculated journey times and reminders. In order to avoid having to switch between different apps such as maps, etc., the easystaff App conveniently bundles all the relevant information.

The new easystaff App is available for iOS in the Apple iTunes Store and for Android in the Google Play Store.