easystaff takes over fleXible marketing and extends market dominance

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fleXible marketing taken over by easystaff. Personnel service provider extends market dominance. easystaff management now includes fleXible founder.

Vienna (OST/LCG) - "Better with each other than against each other! The integration of fleXible is a crucial milestone in our company's expansion", say company founders Gerhard and Thomas Huber. On 1 November 2014, they took over the personnel service provider founded in 2004 by David Figar and Martin Zauder, specialising in sales promotion, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and POS furniture manufacturing. Nearly 2,000 promoters from the pool are working with fleXible for numerous national and international customers. They'll be working for easystaff in future. Staff in office personnel and employee hiring will also be taken over by easystaff.
fleXible is an asset to the company thanks to its high quality standards, specialisation in POS marketing and high-level of staff retention, emphasise Huber and Huber. Most recently, they took over "die unabhängige Vermittlungs GmbH" from Klara Posavac-Fede with easystaff in June 2013.

Four company founders form the new easystaff management team

Figar and Zauder complete the easystaff Personaldienstleistungen GmbH management team, whereby four company founders will manage the company's destiny. "As an owner-managed company, we're driven by entrepreneurship and are therefore perfectly positioned for any future challenges", say the present easystaff management team. By expanding the workforce and competences in POS sales marketing due to the takeover, easystaff is reacting to increasing demand after measurable sales success at the POS Moreover, the flexibility of human resources will increase, which is also highly sought after due to the volatile economic climate.