Our passion for highly professional staff

Our aim is easy to explain – we want to offer you, as your partner in personnel matters, the best possible promoters, hostesses, event staff, gastro staff, sales personnel, office staff, highly-qualified commercial and IT staff and much more.

easystaff is a people-orientated company whose goal is first-class service for customers and to ensure optimal framework conditions that encourage the development and skills of your staff.

But we're also something really special. Because you can count on us. We place high expectations on ourselves and our staff so that we always remain competent, reliable, friendly and flexible! Ultimately, we want to enter into a long-term, equal partnership with you. That's why we settle all questions in the run up to a job and execute your project with a hands on mentality.

Take it easy – and let us do all the work regarding your personnel issues.

Advantages for you

easystaff in a nutshell:

  • Clear, calculable costs
  • Personal contact partner for your requests
  • Optimally trained personnel
  • Professional project management by experienced project managers
  • Ongoing training at our easystaff academy
  • Our easystaffers' high levels of personal initiative
  • Highest quality standards and assurance
  • Absolute reliability
  • Active in the whole of Austria thanks to our large personnel pool

easystaff academy

Our staff go back to school

We are proud that completely new standards in personnel quality are being set thanks to our easystaff academy. Our internal academy enables us to specially train our staff for specific disciplines.

Every member of staff is trained before being sent to work, with focus on basic behaviour through to directly dealing with customers. The new easystaffer is given access to our easystaff manager upon successful completion of the basic course and is assigned future work according to his or her completion level.

Our staff are offered regular courses in the different areas of promotion, POS, gastro, hospitality and office work. The staff member receives a certificate for each successfully completed course, improving his/her rating in the easystaff manager, which has as positive impact on pay and possible jobs.

We have 10,000 optimally qualified easystaffers. This huge staff contingent enables us to professionally look after projects of any size. easystaff operates throughout the whole of Austria – we are active in every state capital, which guarantees quick and flexible support for our customers.

easystaff manager

Our effective tool for efficient execution

The easystaff manager is the technical core of our company. As a web-based database, easystaff manager manages all projects and relevant data – from the job to the schedule, through to age, rating after the job and additional qualifications. The easystaff manager links this data and therefore assigns each project to the appropriately qualified member of staff. The easystaffer you want is immediately informed via email and SMS gateway. They can then log in to the staff area using their personal login details and organise their projects and work schedule themselves. The easystaff manager therefore represents an unbelievable reduced workload for everyone involved – for customers, personnel and administration. For example, this is how we execute payroll accounting and guarantee transparent cost allocation without overpriced agency fees. This efficient application enables us to quickly and flexibly implement your wishes and requirements at the highest possible level of quality.