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Become an easystaffer and join our team! Are you looking for a student job or part-time job to earn good money for your studies? Or do you want to put some extra money to one side? Then you've come to the right place with easystaff! We have plenty of diverse jobs in a young, dedicated team.

Our part-time jobs offer the optimum fun factor. You decide yourself what you'll do and how much you want to work. Whether part-time, full-time or flexible working hours – as an easystaffer, you are free to organise your jobs in promotion, POS, gastro, hospitality and office throughout Austria yourself.

As a personnel service provider that specialises in commercial, technical and IT staff, we also have numerous permanent jobs. It doesn't matter if you're at the beginning of your career, coming back to work after a break or a manager: with us you're in the best hands.

You're not just an anonymous number at easystaff; we attach great importance to your education and training. How about a career as a team leader or project manager? That doesn't sound bad, does it?

Are you also looking for prospects for your future career? You'll also find permanent positions with us in which you can make optimal use of your individual strengths and vocational qualifications.

But you can't live on fun alone. And the truth is, you're only interested in one thing: money! We've saved the best until last: The pay is very fair at easystaff. And always on time! We're looking forward to meeting you!

Advantages for you

easystaff in a nutshell:

  • Exciting work for globally renowned brands and customers
  • A free choice and registration for regular, well-paid jobs
  • Instructions and training at the easystaff academy
  • Brilliant promotion opportunities
  • Punctual wage payment
  • A team that is on hand with help and advice
  • Registration and accounting in accordance with legal regulations

"Why do I like working for easystaff? Honestly?! Because they are the only ones that pay me on time without any nonsense! :) and it's always varied & there's always a sympathetic ear if there's any problems :)"
Sophie Maiwald,
"Why is easystaff a cool employer"? With both uni and a job, easystaff is the perfect mix of interesting and nice people with diverse and exciting work".
Wolfgang Kern,
"I really like working for easystaff because I've already work at so many companies, but this is the BIGGEST, NICEST AND BEST team that I've found".
Martin Flatscher,
"You do perhaps have strict rules and regulations, but that's why you're the only promotions agency that I know that is 100% serious, pays on time, that you're really registered with and where everything really goes smoothly".
Nikolaus Konrad,
"I work for you because I can try out lots of different jobs and not only keep on learning something new, but also to face new challenges".
Martin Hörtnagel,
"I can flexibly choose when and how many jobs I want to do. Sometimes I have lots to do at uni, like I have in the last few weeks, so it's not a problem when you don't take on work over a long period".
Sarah Jakober,
"You have lots of contact with lots of companies and get to know lots of important people, which will probably be really advantageous in the future".
Bernhard Reisner,
"I like working with easystaff because I've travelled around Austria, whether Graz, Linz or Innsbruck, meeting different kinds of people thanks to different jobs, such as event service, sales and training."
Haris Bukvic,
"easystaff managers deal with the employees in manner that is always respectful and I believe that you're on the right track by doing it this way. Have patience with people".
Thomas Kryl,