New gastro uni at easystaff

easystaff Mitarbeiter bei Gastro-Event

In the future, the promotion and event personnel provider will also be active in the gastro and catering staff sector.

In June this year, easystaff, leading provider of promotion and event staff in Austria, expanded its portfolio with its own unit for gastro and catering personnel. "The reason for us making our range even more specialised is that it’s becoming increasingly clear how big the need for well-trained and experienced gastronomy staff actually is in Austria!" says managing director Gerhard Huber, explaining the current corporate decision. According to Huber, in future the easystaff team wants to stand out from the competition in the gastronomy, catering and hotel industry with "competence and friendliness".

We're looking forward our gastro unit's brilliant start. The "service with a smile" concept is well received by our customers: 80 employees have already been successfully deployed in the first three months".

High standard of quality
"A high standard of quality for the ideal personnel and the offered complete service, including project management" is the top priority for the easystaff corporate philosophy say the management about the line of approach. XX In addition to the existing units in the areas promotion, hospitality, event and office, there is now an individual division for gastronomy: for this, experienced industry professional Michael Kraak, former managing director of TST Personalservices GmbH, was recruited. "The aim of the newly established gastro unit is to provide top personnel for gastronomy and catering businesses throughout Austria, for events and also for outsourcing solutions. Special attention has been given to quality – among other things, our own standardised and high-quality gastro outfit has been created for the new unit. The start phase has already been very successful, it's now time to consolidate the division and establish our gastro service", says Kraak about the new task and the goals that have been set.

The new staff support ranges from service staff and bar work through to kitchen assistance. The easystaff team's range of services comprises a selection of appropriate personnel, scheduling, standby set up, operational planning and project management.

In-house "easystaff academy"
Furthermore, each member staff is put through several days of training by a gastronomy specialist at the in-house easystaff academy before being deployed. This includes conveying specialist knowledge and intensive training in all service processes. Only those who successfully complete the training will be included in the personnel pool. "For us, it's primarily about guaranteeing a high standard – friendly and reliable personnel that provide lots of expertise in the gastronomy industry. We offer a consistent comprehensive package and all-round service; for this, we work with experienced project managers who ensure staff come on time and are responsible for implementing each demand", stresses Gerhard Huber, who was worked as managing director of easystaff since 2001.