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Are you looking for the best possible personnel for your event? Do you want to improve product sales? Do you urgently need a secretary because yours has just handed in her notice? Do you want to push your brand at a road show or sampling? As a leading personnel service provider and staffing agency, out units (PROMOTION/POS/GASTRO/HOSPITALITY/HR SERVICE) will be happy to give you specific help and find the perfect personnel solution. We're looking forward to working with you.

Are you looking for a reliable partner so you can finance your studies? Are you looking forward to professional training at the easystaff academy? Have you just finished your studies and are looking for your dream job? Do you enjoy collaborative work in a pleasant environment? Do big jobs for big brands appeal to you? Or do you just want to be paid reliably and on time? As a leading personnel service provider, will be happy to help you find the perfect job solution that fits in with your time demands. We're looking forward to working with you.

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Our easystaff academy sets completely new standards in staff training and therefore also in personnel quality! This process ensures that you only get the best training and most competent staff working for you.


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Gstöttner Viktoria Viktoria Gstöttner

Promotion services

Viktoria Gstöttner has been a hard-working member of the easystaff community since 2012. During this time, she has been involved in many different projects. In all these projects, Viktoria has been able to win people over with her extremely reliable manner and her unique endurance.

Ilic Nikola Nikola Ilic

POS services

Nikola studied to be a history teacher and is part of our Microsoft promotion team. Nikola impresses at all his jobs thanks to his polite and courteous manner and always puts people in a good mood.

Schauerhofer Tanja Tanja Schaurhofer

Hospitality services

Tanja Schaurhofer has been regular promoter since 2012 and has already worked for almost all our customers. She can be found at the Vienna Autoshow every year, gives impetus to the Desperados team, works at trade fairs and events and adds some spice with her sunny smile.

Kowalczyk Kamila Kamila Kowalczyk

Promotion services

Kamila Kowalczyk has been registered with us since 2012 and has always received great feedback from over 135 jobs thanks to her kind and courteous manner.

We had 2 super dedicated young ladies to assist us at our Ruefa Ferien booth. Always attentive and very thoughtful. We will gladly come back to easystaff!
Melanie Siedl,
Ruefa GmbH
The promoter Mia was very good, thought along, gave the flyer with EVERY photo that was taken with the beaver and explained the raffle, supported the beaver super, really TOP!
Alexander Eisner,
OBI Österreich
We were super satisfied with Leonie! She did all the tasks independently very great, was always friendly and was not shy to approach interested fair visitors.
Lisa Kauscheder, BA,
Porsche Wien
Everything worked out perfectly! Many thanks and praise again to the entire team for their great work in the sweltering heat. The promoters always had a smile on their face and a great interaction with the children and families.
Matthias Schreckenstein,
Steiner Familyentertainment
The girls at our kids baking station were a dream. Super child-friendly, very eager and committed. They really contributed very well and were not at a loss for a hand Every time again.
Doris Schacherhofer,
We were very satisfied with the hostesses. There were some very good ones among them, they thought along & were dedicated. The dresses were very nice and also being styled made a big difference. Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to working with you next year.
Céline Deplazes,
Highlight Event
Everything worked out great. Thank you very much for your flexibility and good availability! The hostess was great, we book her gladly another time and look forward to further cooperation.
Julia Hülder,
Since 2019, we have been supported by easystaff as a reliable partner for rack jobbing and sales promotions throughout Austria. Thanks to easystaff, we can offer our retail partners the usual first-class standard of service for our high-quality products.
Herbert Seidl,
We are super satisfied, the two boys are doing great. They are very attentive and self-reliant. You can see that the promoters enjoys the work and that is very important.
Mariann Ambrus-Lang,
ECE Projektmanagement Austria GmbH
Helpful, friendly and committed employees like Ms. Ivanova make you feel very respected and well taken care of as a employee. And if you are not completely satisfied with something, it is exactly such people who make you feel reconciled again. Please keep her for a long time! :)
Eva-Maria S.,
The girls are just great, I have never been so satisfied! They were very committed, absolutely customer friendly, charming and had positive appearance! They have actively engaged and did not wait for them to be given something to do!
Mag. Barbara Schatzl,
EKZ Haid
Our event last week went well. The two girls from easystaff were also very positive about the event. They did a great job with the registration as well as during the long hours of the event.
Martin Pellizzari,
I want to compliment the promoters who worked with us - they were all great! Please send everyone back to us in the future. The two girls for the muffin distribution were perfectly selected - incredibly nice, friendly and hardworking! We got extremely positive feedback from our customers on this campaign!
Mariella Guttmann,
Q19 Shopping Center GmbH
Everything worked perfectly fine. The two gentlemen were very committed to the job, extremely friendly and courteous. I would particularly like to mention that both agreed to spontaneously stay for an hour longer than originally booked. That's quality I'm used to from easytaff ;)
Lisa Ziegler,
The hostesses were great, very helpful, very dedicated. Perfect as always!
Ursula Hogn,
The two ladies were really great and so dedicated - big compliment. We felt very comfortable with them, gladly again.
Andrea Mikhaeel,
The staff was very dedicated and did a great job! Everything went according to plan and the staff was an important part of the event.
Markus Noè,
The team was great, they were highly engaged and full of energy. It was a pleasure to have them at the event and our client was very happy with the personnel as well.
Karin Götz,
veranstaltungs werkstatt
We were very happy with Nina! She arrived way ahead of time, was very friendly and proactively approached the guests. Not only was she pretty, but she proved to be and intelligent, independent workforce. I'd give her 100 out of 100 points!
Jutta Markus,
agentur mast
All easystaffers behaved well, but I have to highlight the costume-couple, Alexander and Carolin were amazing! A big thank you to those two and to you easystaff!
Julia Sommerhuber,
We were very happy with our event and with the two easystaff girls. They were very friendly and approachable to our guests and a welcomed addition to our reception desk.
Elisabeth Faustmann,
I am very glad that we have found the perfect agency with easystaff right away, which conveys absolut reliability and perfect fair hostesses!
Susanne Korntner,
Reform-Werke Bauer
The hostesses and the entire team were amazing. It was a great performance – thank you very much again! Each hostess was really involved and did a great job at the Event.
Stephanie Dornig,
Stadt Wien Marketing
We are delighted – Due to an internal last-minute absence, we needed 2 promoters for an event. One quick call and 45 minutes later two friendly and hard-working Ladies were on the spot! Thank you very much easystaff for acting that quick!
Julia Hainitz,
Career Center der TU Wien
Your team was perfect as always - friendly, helpful and forthcoming. Above all, it is a real benefit to have the same personnel coming in. As already mentioned, I’d like to have them come back next year, maybe we’ll need even more people.
Josef Kurz,
Tourismusverband Paznaun - Ischgl
"In the name oft he whole Front Office and Bell Desk Team we would like to thank you for your support yesterday, the 4 Gentlement were amazing. Thank you again, even a stressful day of work is fun when working with such a great team."
Sandra Hösl,
Intercontinental Wien
"The promoters were outgoing, open and motivated, and were dressed as requested. Thank you for the cooperation!"
Dea Ana Protic,
BahnhofCity Wien West
"We were highly satisfied with the girls. They arrived on time, showed dedication and looked great. Thank you again!"
Katharina Reisinger,
Sparkasse Oberösterreich
"Thank you very much for your calm and sublime support."
Philipp Consemueller,
Consequences Marketing & Event
"For me, easystaff is a reliable, quick and flexible payroll service provider. The personnel accounting is done very reliably and I can seek out competent people regarding labour law at any time."
Daniela Zillinger,
UPC Austria GmbH
"You do perhaps have strict rules and regulations, but that's why you're the only promotions agency that I know that is 100% serious, pays on time, that you're really registered with and where everything really goes smoothly if you stick to the rules"
Nikolaus Konrad,
"When you work together with easystaff, you can always count on the quality of the staff – we at Ovation Austria/MCI Wien cannot recommend easystaff enough."
Claudia Lojer,
MCI Wien GmbH I OVATION Austria
"Why is easystaff a cool employer"? With both uni and a job, easystaff is the perfect mix of interesting and nice people with diverse and exciting work. Thank you for all the positive experience up to now."
Wolfgang Kern,
"We have been working together with easystaff for several years and we are always delighted with the reliable service and solution-orientated approach."
Birgit Engelmaier, MA,
Microsoft Österreich
"Why do I like working for easystaff? Honestly?! Because they are the only ones that pay me on time without any nonsense! :) and it's always varied & there's always a sympathetic ear if there's any problems :)"
Sophie Maiwald,
"The boys and girls from easystaff are always reliable and remain calm and friendly, even when the work is stressful. You can always count on them – regardless of whether a distribution campaign, B2B event or a hip picnic in a castle park."
Angelika Günther,
LGV - Frischgemüse Wien
"Kudos to all of you at easystaff! Everything is working out perfectly!"
Harald Ditlbacher,

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